Beware of Kung Fu Treachery this week, because we’re going into the world of Blaxploitation via Black Dynamite. For the Science Fiction Season we’ll be looking at, and re-evaluating The Fifth Element. Table Time discusses Red Dead Redemption and Rec 2. Question Time has our first live (recorded) listener question!

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Black Dynamite

(19:40) Science Fiction Season: The Fifth Element

(36:00) Table Time: Red Dead Redemption and Rec 2

(54:31) Question Time

Cheerfully Inaccurate

Our accuracy is above reproach.

Stuff We Mentioned This Week:

Superfly, Shaft, Black Belt Jones, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, Blood and Bone, Solaris, Equilibrium, Black Samurai, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, The Wild Bunch, McCabe And Mrs Miller, The Dark Knight, Spawn, Rec, An American Werewolf In London, Batman (Tim Burton Version).

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10 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 14 (29/05/10)

  1. Morgan

    Great episode, guys.

    So right about the, ahem, ‘heart’ that TFE has. I would always get verklempt when Leeloo pleads for help in the back of the cab.

  2. Dudebros

    I know, right? Pretty superbeing crying and asking for help in the future = feelings.

  3. Jaques la Merde

    “Jesuits are totally badass!” Not something you hear every day…

  4. Jaques la Merde

    Whoa, did you guys actually play GTA IV? While your comments about the weight and depth of the main character would work with the GTA III generation of games, but you totally off the point with Niko Bellic.

    Niko Bellic is a great character, he’s the surviver of an act of genocide which has seriously scarred him.It has caused him to descend into a life of murder kidnapping etc. The story of GTA IV is about Niko trying to heal his psyche and redeem himself. unfortunately for Niko this kind of scuppered by try to help is cousin Roman with his personal and financial problems which leads Niko down the path of the game. Niko is a tragic villain, he’s is not what he is by his own choice, he has been created. He wants to return to being a normal person but external forces keep dragging him back into this life of crime he has become involved with.

  5. Conor

    While I probably agree with pretty much everything you’re saying Jacques, the problem for me was the character as written was all the things you’ve said but in gameplay you were just going around doing odious things while the voice actor spouted one-liners and sounded really glib about doing awful things. I just thought Nico’s character was kind of stepped all over by the gameplay. I can see your points though.

  6. Conor

    Or actually to expand on my point: I think Nico as seen in the cut-scenes is a great character, full of remorse and doubts. It’s just the Nico in gameplay that I’m not wild about.

  7. Jaques la Merde

    Well, i concede your point, but only when you take into account the gamer. Personally, I played NIko as hew as portrayed in the cutscenes. No prostitute murder for me.

  8. Conor

    Ha! Me neither, no prostitute murder or beatings. I just mean the overall sense of every time he runs over someone (due to my bad driving) or he has to do a mission where he’s kidnapping or murdering someone, it cheapens the moment when the voice actor is spouting cheap, cocky one-liners during it, and then there’s a cut scene where he’s all contrite and soulful.

  9. Jaques le Merde

    Red dead redemption is great however, I am about half way through the story and enjoying it emmensly. I really like the fact that the main character is like an oasis of calm in a crazy fucked up frontier world.

    I totally agree with you guys about the Fifth Element. It’s a great film with a lot of heart. It’s a pity it was a bit overlooked and under rated on it’s release. And it was totally awesome when that guy got kicked in the face…

  10. Conor

    Ha! Yes on all counts. I’m loving the calm of the lead character. And Yeah, I think Fifth Element is a bit underrated, it’s got so much heart and that’s so rare in that genre. And it was indeed awesome, when that dude… got kicked in the face.

    I can’t believe we did kung fu hustle without me talking about dudes getting kicked in the face!