This week’s show is a special edition, focusing on Blade Runner. For table time we get enthusiastic about a new video game networking site, For question time we look at what movies have ever gotten us into, and who would win in a three-way gunfight in our minds.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Blade Runner PT 1

(24:28) Blade Runner PT 2

(61:05) Table Time:

(67:03) Question Time: what movies have gotten us into, and the logistics of a three-way (gunfight).

Cheerfully Inaccurate

The Blade Runner documentary we watched this week and forgot to name was: Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner

Stuff We Mentioned This Week:

Blade Runner, Dangerous Days, Strange Days, The Fifth Element, Alien, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Once Upon A Time In The West, The Great Silence, PKD Android

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16 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 17 (19/06/10)

  1. Crypt

    brilliant , as always.

  2. andy

    great show. i was so glad you avoided the “he is or isn’t he” debate. it would have been so easy when you got talking about the eyes shots. kool beans.

  3. Morgan

    You Magnificent-Bastards that was a great episode!

    I definitely agree with Conor; Harmonica, ahem, ‘owns’ in any three-way Mexican standoff with Blondie and Silence. I was just thinking of the opening scene to Once Upon A Time in America as evidence of his sheer badassery when Conor mentioned it. This means our argument has been twin-ninja’d. And there are few things deadlier than two ninjas.

    Two Questions!

    Who would you cast in ‘Philip K Dick’s Missing Android Head (Working Title)’? You’d need to cast the scientist, the detective and a big bad and whoever would appear in this genius.

    Which film characters would you invite to your dinner-party?

  4. Dudebros

    Crypt: Thanks!

    Andy: Thanks! And also yeah we kinda didn’t bother to engage with the whole who’s a replicatnt thing, there’s just too much else that’s fun to talk about.

    Morgan: Twin Ninjas Unite!

  5. Jaques la Merde

    Great show lads.

    I LOVED Luke’s answer to the gunfight question, Debbie Harry et al, a harmonica and the concept of silence. Brilliant!

    It’s been a long time since I have seen blade runner. 15 years maybe. I do remember the version I saw without the voice over was much better than the version with the voice over. I must revisit this movie.

    The Blade runner game from westwood was excellent. I remember a friend telling me about it. He bought it, finished in 2 days and was hugely disappointed. He was going to get his money back the next day, but started the game again. His second play through took 3 weeks to finish and was an almost completely different story line. Needless to say, he never went back to get his money back. Great game. My only criticism of it was when you VKed a suspect, the player should have to decide if they were a skin job or not. Instead the game told you. But that didn’t really effect my enjoyment of the game.

    Come to think of it, I think it’s in the cabinet behind me. I wonder will it work in windows XP…

  6. Conor

    Damn Luke with his fancy surrealist answers, getting all the praise…

    And yeah that Blade Runner game man… I wrote a thing about it at one point:

    Read it and see how I spazz about my love for it.

  7. Morgan

    Hey C+L,

    Thought you would be interested in a screening of Blade Runner that happened earlier this week in London.

    A friend of mine went and said it rocked. He dressed cyber-punk stylee for it, too.

  8. Dudebros

    That sounds cool Morgan, Jacque, the game is indeed playable on XP with some compatability stuff turned on. Glad you guys enjoyed the show.

    – Luke

  9. Stephen

    Love the show dudes! Can we have a show on best film villian? I vote Ming the Merciless!

  10. Stephen

    And I can tell you why if you are interested!

  11. Jaques le Merde

    No need for reasons, Ming the Merciless is AWESOME!!!

  12. Dudebros

    Stephen: I am VERY interested.
    Jacques: You have a point. But I still want to hear Stephen’s reason.

  13. Morgan

    I second a very special Wireless Express Show about Villians.

  14. Jaques le Merde


    To change subjects here, I have a question. Why, on the Lord of the Rings movies, does Theoden, played by Bernard Hill, have blonde/ grey hair, BUT A GREEN GOATEE BEARD????

    If the Dudebros can answer this for me i may sleep better at nights.

  15. Conor

    Jacques, you wily, treacherous swine! Is this just an excuse to highlight my colour blindness?
    I will consult with Luke about this beard issue.

    Also though: A villains episode sounds fun. We’re starting a new season called “Gangsters From Around The World” this week, so maybe we’ll do the Villains feature next week!

  16. Jaques le Merde

    Damn, I never considered your colour blindness. I felt, being one of the top facial hair experts in the world you could easily assuage my feverish mind on this Theoden issue. Alas, I await Lukes wisdom.