This week Conor weakened and finally accepted Fletch and Fletch Lives as topics of discussion. The Killer takes its place in the Gangsters From Around The World season, with a lot of excitement from Luke. Table Time sees Luke playing Demon’s Souls and Conor apologizing but unable to deny liking the Clash Of The Titans remake. Question Time poses an important question about Polar Bears and Velociraptors.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Fletch and Fletch Lives
(23:16) Gangsters From Around The World: The Killer
(42:51) Table Time: Demon’s Souls and Clash Of The Titans
(56:48) Question Time: Polar Bear vs Velociraptor, with account taken for terrain and bear/lizard personality.

Cheerfully Inaccurate

We are proud to announce that nothing was wrong this week.

Stuff We Mentioned This Week

Magnum P.I, Rockford Files, The Big Sleep, Degrassi High, A Better Tomorrow, Last Hurrah For Chivalry, Face/Off, Red Cliff, King Kong, Terminator 2, Clash Of The Titans, Kingsfield (game)

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5 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 20 (10/07/10)

  1. Morgan

    Great show, dudes.

    Luke really shined in this episode- his knowledge and love of John Woo and Hong Kong film was impressive.

    A polar-bear could totally whale on a velociraptor owing to two very important reasons- velociraptor hunt in packs and are much smaller than Jurrasic Park would have it- the genus featued in that film are actually Deinonychus, and in actual life the velociraptor is more anaglous in size to a chicken! Presumably Michael Crichton and Spielberg both choose this species for it’s dangerous-sounding name.

    Also Fletch’s theme-tune totally sounds like Guile’s theme during the chorus!

  2. Morgan

    And the Led Zep track with the shouty-intro is ‘Immigrant’s Song’

  3. Conor

    It’s actually the Get Smart theme…
    *In Tommy Boy Voice* Surprised you didn’t know that.

  4. Dudebros

    Actually, I think you’ll find it’s not the Immigrant’s Song at all, but one of Zip Zep’s Nuumber 1 hits, ‘Zip me up.’ Look it up, no one’s better than Zip Zep man, they’re killer. I do love Woo and I hope everyone else enjoyed my love… In every sense of the phrase.


  5. Morgan

    You know what, Conor? Not here, not now.