This week we have Dan Walsh of Garfield Minus Garfield and as a guest, he stays with us for an interview, Table Time and Question Time. For Gangsters Around The World, we talk the magnificently hard-boiled, super-cool Point Blank. Also don’t forget to check out and help Tammy out!

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Dan Walsh Interview
(17:26) Gangsters From Around The World: Point Blank
(29:17) Table Time: The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, Inception, Dragon Quest IX
(44:07) Question Time: Favourite Movie Fights, what comic strips do we like?

Cheerfully Inaccurate

Luke was talking about Smoos, the short and round but delicious star of the long running newspaper comic strip..

Stuff We Mentioned This Week

Point Blank A Bittersweet Life, Rio Bravo, Grosse Point Blank, Hard Boiled, Inception

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6 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 22 (24/07/10)

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  2. Jaques Le Merde

    What is it about comics whose theme is depression and psycological agony (I don’t mean the smurfs, The smurfs CAUSE depression and psychological agony)? I had never seen Garfield minus Garfield before but I really liked it. Cyanide and Happiness is hilarious, but have you ever read David Lynch’s Angriest Dog in the World? The only way I can describe it is by saying it is very David Lynch.

    Good show boys, and you getting Tweeted about.

    Celebrity status beckons

  3. Conor

    Thanks Jacques! Glad you liked the show. Weird coincidence: We recorded the show on Saturday and Luke was trying to remember about the Smoos, then I watched Lucky Number Slevin on Saturday night, where the Smoos are discussed at length and defined in detail.

    And yeah tweeting huh? Exciting times. You should tweet about us too Jacques, tweet HARD.

  4. Jaques Le Merde

    Although I don’t tweet, I am hard…

  5. Dudebros

    Terrifying and inspiring, as always.

  6. Morgan

    Loved this week’s show.

    Point Blank is one of my favourites, too. It feels like a movie that was slightly ahead of it’s time (made in 67 it has a much more seventies feel to it) I guess because the hard-boiled style dates really well and the ‘European’ influence didn’t really impact on Hollywood until a couple of years later. Also the art direction is f’ing awesome, too. Has a very cool pop-art feel.

    I had a really mixed experience with Inception. It didn’t impress me in the ways that I thought it would (I expected the visuals to blow my mind out of my nostrils but it was much of a muchness, and the action was booooooooooooring) however I really, really liked the central emotional core of the film which I found surprisingly affecting. I came away liking it, in general. I totally dig what you said, Conor, about Christopher Nolan being a director who has largely worked in the action genre without any love for shooting action itself.

    I’m wracking my brain thinking about my favourite fight. So hard to choose. I kind of want to opt for something out of Ninja Scroll (is animation eligible?)