We have a special guest for the entire show this week, Morgan McBride. We lovingly feature Tommy Boy, Table Time covers Neil Gaiman to Northern Exposure, and question time ends the show with talk of the end itself, via possible afterlives.  Check out – Scott Adkins Fans dot co dot UK

Time Stamps

(00:00) Tommy Boy
(29:31) Table Time: Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys, Northern Exposure, The Idle Thumbs Podcast
(57:12) The many feelings of The Wireless Express Show

Cheerfully Inaccurate

Dr John Watson was played by Michael Williams in the BBC Radio Plays.

Stuff We Mentioned This Week

Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Gosford Park, Sherlock, Twin Peaks, Eerie Indiana, The Simpsons, David Eagleman, Vinyl Cafe, Idle Thumbs Podcast, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Almost Famous, The Player, The Long Goodbye, M.A.S.H, Pleasantville, No Country For Old Men, Sullivan’s Travels

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5 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 24 (07/08/10)

  1. andy bertaut

    As goofy as David Spade was back then these days he looks like a rock god! Kool show.

  2. andy bertaut

    another great line: “Richard! What didyou DO?”

  3. Stephen M

    Love the show guys! Did you see The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo yet? Fantastic film. Interesting way to go with the two main characters.

  4. Dudebros

    Haven’t yet seen it Stephen, however, I have read the book and found it to be interesting, I’m looking forward to the Daniel Craig remake of the Swedish films, in the absence of any new Bond film Blomkvist will have to do!

    – Luke

  5. Jaques le Merde

    Where’s the intro????