For a Wireless Express Show interview special we spoke to one of our favourite directors: Rian Johnson. We spoke with the director of Brick, The Brothers Bloom and the upcoming Looper over the course of almost an hour’s long-form interview and found him to be a relaxed, entertaining and truly fascinating guest.

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5 comments on: Wireless Express Interview – Rian Johnson (20/08/10)

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  2. Dudebros

    Amusing fact: This post has been spammed like ten times today with the usual gibberish of random letters and urls but the the part I liked was each spam-post started with “Aloha!”.

    I can dig a friendly spammer.

  3. Morgan


    Loved the interview. I liked what Rian said about directing the film in a very straight style- it’s so true when he says that audiences are extremely sophisticated about genre and so will ‘get’ what you’re trying to do without having to sign-post it.

    Would have loved to hear about his thoughts and experiences directing Breaking Bad. ‘Fly’ was such an excellent episode.

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  5. Mr. Pie Maker

    Good interview. Really liked hearing details about Looper straight from Rian as opposed to forums and hearsay. Couldn’t be more excited about it.