We’re very pleased to present an interview with Hong Kong film expert and filmmaker Bey Logan. We covered many topics from great films to use as entry points into Hong Kong cinema for newcomers, to an exciting future adaptation of The Silent Flute, a Bruce Lee script that never made it to the screen during Lee’s life. Bey Logan was both an incredibly knowledgeable and also genuinely fun guest who we could have spent the whole day talking to.

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4 comments on: Wireless Express Interview – Bey Logan (21/08/10)

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  2. Jaques Le Merde

    Hey Dudebros, while I’m not up on my hong kong movies, nor am I familiar with the work of Mr. Logan, enjoyed the show.

    An now for question time:

    What the hell is this:

  3. Jaques Le Merde

    By the way, that was a shameless plug.

  4. Dudebros

    It’s terrifying! We’ll mention it on the show to spread the terror.