A lot of Ape-talk this week, the feature is Planet Of The Apes and both Conor and Luke have stories about monkey-bites. The Korean Season continues with A Dirty Carnival, an excellent gangster drama. Table Time discusses Me And Orson Welles and Vanquish.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Planet Of The Apes
(25:41) Korean Season – A Dirty Carnival
(44:00) Table Time – Me And Orson Welles, Vanquish
(60:57)  Question Time – Sequels We’d Like To See

Cheerfully Inaccurate

Luke was thinking of the Julie Delpy film 2 Days in Paris.

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One comment on: Wireless Express Show (04/09/10)

  1. andy bertaut

    Yes there was a cartoon, based no the tv show not the movie. I believe it was from the people who did Tarzan and He-Man (which both used the same music and had very similar character movement, in fact i think one move must have been animated in both cartoons from some sort of stock template…anyhoo…)
    And there WERE PoTA action figures! I had totally forgotten but I owned them! you have just returned a piece of lost youth to me! Yay.