Conan The Barbarian conquers all this week, including our hearts and minds. (So we talk about the movie on the show). Table Time is an extravaganza: Better Off Ted, Dead Space, Louie and Arrested Development. The Big Question (for question time, dummy) is about Uwe Boll and whether a director can be given a chance to redeem himself.

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(00:00) Conan The Barbarian
(21:06) Table Time – Better Off Ted, Dead Space, Louie and Arrested Development.
(42:24)  Question Time – Uwe Boll’s new films, worth a look?

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3 comments on: Wireless Express Show (11/09/10)

  1. Jaques Le Merde

    Hey Dudebros, Uwe Boll sure deserves another chance. Would you disregard Steven Speilberg purely on the evidence of Jurassic Park 2?

    John Duigan is a director who I don’t think has lived up to his promise. He made 2 fantastic teen romance movies called the “Year My Voice Broke” and “Flirting” in the 80s preceded by a a lot of films, I must admit I haven’t seen, back as far as ’75. He made Sirens in the early 90s, which is pretty good and Lawn Dogs in the mid 90s which is also very good, but quite odd at the same time. Then, The Parole Officer in 2001 with Steve Coogan which is a bit crap to be honest. Then nothing. what happened?

    Like wise Tim Burton.Tim has made some great movies, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Beeltejuice, Sleepy Hollow. But look at his more recent works: Planet of the Apes (appalling), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (bland and unintersting), Big fish (ok Big fish was actually pretty good, but not as good as his signature work), Alice in Wonderland (no, I said alice in wonderland, not some badly mangled mess that was seemingly made up by diseased aardvarks after reading a short synopsis of the works of Lewis Carroll.). I mean, what the fuck happened to Tim Burton???????????

  2. Jaques Le Merde

    By the way, what the hell ever happened to John Milius. The only things I have seen his name on since red dawn has been Apocalypse now documentaries and thats because he was interviewed. And Red Dawn was what, 1985?

  3. Morgan

    Interesting fact about John Milius; he’s the inspiration for Walter in The Big Lebowski.

    I appreciate what you guys said about Uwe Boll (and directors in general) should be cut slack for potentially producing something of worth in their career. Same goes for a director or artist who has ever done good work- they can always reach that level again or better. I like to think that Tim Burton might make a film with as much heart as Ed Wood again.

    Unfortunately the timing of your episode coinicdes with the release of Uwe Boll’s trailer for his new film ‘Auschwitz’, which was probably the most tasteless and depraved thing I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. I would strongly recommend you avoid it.