In a groundbreaking step, Conor and Luke manage to talk about a new movie this week: Predators. For the Korean season we talked about Once Upon A Time In High School, Conor’s favourite Korean film and a very poignant look at high school in a time and place rather removed from our own. Table Time is impressed with Boardwalk Empire and Memphis Beat. Question Time is really Plug Time, where we plugged some cool projects friends of the show are working on. Click the links to learn more about Rana McAnear, Tammy Howard and Holly Conrad. Also check out our friends at Gamefret!

Time Stamps

(00:00) Predators
(14:44) Korean Season – Once Upon a Time in High School
(32:47) Table Time – Boardwalk Empire, Memphis Beat
(45:02)  Question Time – Plug Time

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