In our second episode (controversially titled Episode 1) the Dudebros struggle manfully through Conor’s asthma (Not mentioned in the episode), hunger, and a discussion of terrifying old ladies. We also talk about Robert Aldrich, some stuff we brought to the table, and book to movie adaptations.

Time Stamps

Section 1 (00:00) Intro and our Director in Focus, Robert Aldrich.

Section 2 (25:33) Our film noir series continues with a look at Double Indemnity.

Section 3 (41:50) Table Time with The Martian Chronicles and Vengeance.

Section 4 (51:22) Question Time. This week Luke asked Conor what was his favourite pizza topping, and what happened next was astounding. (Astounding is probably a bit of a strong word.)

Show Notes

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Double Indemnity

The Martian Chronicles

Cheerfully Inaccurate

In last week’s Episode, Conor said the end of the classic noir cycle came with Where The Sidewalk Ends, but he was thinking of Touch Of Evil.

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2 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 1 (25/02/10)

  1. Jaques la Merde

    I finally watched Double Indemnity. Oh man, that movie is awesome.

  2. Conor

    I know right?!

    Sometime I have to show you some posters I saw for it, there’s this amazing surrealist Spanish one… wait.

    I just looked it up, here it is

    How badass is that? Fred MacMurray almost looks like an Alex Ross drawing.