In this episode Conor and guest Colin Meagle discuss So I Married An Axe Murderer and why they can’t let go of it, and play “The Movie Of Your Life” Game.

Look out for “The Movie Of Your Life” Game as a possible occasional feature in future shows…

This episode was actually recorded a couple of weeks ago, but Conor was unable to upload it until now due to Dublin’s Big Freeze.

Cheerfully Inaccurate: Conor didn’t realize at the time of recording that Tom Petty actually recorded Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Conor’s favourite Tom Petty song) while he was recording Wildflowers (Conor’s favourite Tom Petty album). Conor chooses to feel that even though this may be an inaccuracy on his part, in a curious way it only makes him even more right.

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3 comments on: Wireless Express Show (08/12/10)

  1. Jaques Le Merde

    Colin does not get A Knights Tale obviously.

  2. Conor


    I used capitals to emphasize, but I don’t really mean it in a shouting way. There should be medium-capitals.

    Also, I just realized this morning, we recorded the show a couple of weeks ago before Leslie Nielsen died and I even mentioned how much I loved his work. So sad.

  3. Cornelius Von Tiger

    Adequate level of Conor.