5-0. 5-0! Police-work is the order of the day on this week’s Wireless Express Show, Conor and Luke take a trip back in time to the sun kissed and crime ridden streets of the City of Angels with LA Confidential. Later, the Blockbuster Season strides forward unflinching in its drive for justice! It’s 1987’s Robocop, a film which amongst other things illuminates some shocking secrets about Eric Foreman’s father off of That 70’s Show.  Enjoy!

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4 comments on: Wireless Express Show (26/01/11)

  1. MollywogRugburn

    Really enjoyed the show. I tweeted about it, and now a guy who calls himself for_a_dollar tweets a couple times a day back to me ‘I’ll buy that for a dollar.” I tweeted back to him. “Somewhere a crime is happening.” So, I not only owe you thanks for the great listen, but for helping me make amazing new friends.

    Also, I’m GenX, and I watched this when I was kid. I watched a lot of stuff though, so I’m not at all sure I can blame anything on the viewing.

  2. Jaques Le Merde

    I didn’t know that Russell Crowe was in another movie called Gladiator. Obviously Luke wasn’t talking about the awesome Ridly Scott directed one. There must be crap movie with Russ in it called Gladiator. The only plausible explanation.

    Unless of course, that Luke’s taste in movies is on a par with my toilet.

  3. Dudebros

    Aw Jacque, let’s not bring the toilet into this. Gladiator just isn’t for me I’m afraid. Not that I haven’t given it a chance, but the action sequences always leave me cold. The important thing is that the film means different things to different people, and don’t let my toilet-y taste take that away from you, wow a lot of ‘t’ sounds there. Anyways, appreciate the comments as always.

    – Luke

  4. Jaques Le Merde

    a teasing taste of tantalizingly toilety twang and a tarty tone of temperament.