Luke was back in Dublin this week on a flying visit, so he and Conor took the chance to record a quick show without planning or preparation. This led to the first ever improvised Wireless Express Show, where they covered such matters as the science of recommendation, a possible secret ending to the tv show The Fugitive, Conor’s fear of Boardwalk Empire and more.

Due to the improvised, experimental nature of this episode, you’ll get the chance to peek behind the scenes a bit in some moments. These are not goofs.

No goofs.

Cheerfully Inaccurate:

Nothing is accurate or inaccurate in Jazz.

2 comments on: Wireless Express Show Jazz Improv Take 1

  1. Morgan

    Just listening to the show- good to have the team back together.

    I’m only 40 minutes into it and hearing your views on The Fugitive. Just have to second your love of ‘Felon’. An under-rated film.

  2. Morgan

    The Lone Domino and ‘The Butler Did it’- a butler academy-based detective story?

    Please, please write this script. I’d gladly offer my services as a script-editor.