This week Conor and Luke are very excited about Rio Bravo, Assault on Precinct 13, Orson Welles’ fat suit in Touch of Evil, Aliens hanging out with Vikings, Elmore Leonard TV adaptations, and Conor fails a Voight-Kampff test.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Rio Bravo and Assault on Precinct 13
(26.52) Film Noir Season: Touch Of Evil
(45:27) Table Time: Justified and Outlander
(56:51) Question Time

Cheerfully Inaccurate

Once again we may dispense with cheerfulness as a tiresome formality due to our total, uncompromising accuracy in all matters.

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9 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 5 (28/03/10)

  1. andy

    as you’re doing boxing movies for the next show (though I am probably too late with this comment) you HAVE to include Homeboy!

  2. Dudebros

    Oh my sweet sweet lordy, I totally forgot about that movie. I freaking love Homeboy, and it was you that turned me onto it! Good call, it’s going on the list.

  3. andy


  4. andy

    also, not sure if it is off topic, but even though i loved The Wrestler, i don’t think it would have existed without Homeboy.

  5. Jaques la Merde

    Homeboy… is that an early 90s Mickey Rourke movie? I think I saw it when it came out first, but I don’t remember it.

  6. Dudebros

    It is indeed Jacques, look forward to Episode 6, featuring said Homeboy!

  7. Dudebros

    Oh! Andy, I didn’t see your comment about the Wrestler until now, after we’ve finished the show for this week. I totally agree, I even mentioned the Wrestler in there.

  8. Zach

    Great show, guys, but the volume fluctuations and loud pops make it a literal pain to listen to. I’m going to skip ahead a few episodes and see if you got things smoothed out.

  9. Dudebros

    Thanks for the comment Zach. I hope you;ll find the show does get better and better in terms of the sound from here on in. We’re working on a fix for the older episodes to make them better quality. Hope you enjoy the later episodes and continue to listen to the show.