This week commences a two-part feature on Roger Corman, starting with Battle Beyond The Stars. The Boxing Season movie is the Hong Kong remake of Somebody Up There Likes Me. Table Time finds the table covered in Meth* (to represent Breaking Bad), Flood by They Might Be Giants and the first episode of the new Doctor Who series.

Question Time this week is a rambling shaggy dog among question times. *Note, there was no actual Meth on the table.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Roger Corman and Battle Beyond The Stars
(13:19) Boxing Pictures Season: Somebody Up There Likes
(34:09) Table Time: Breaking Bad, Flood by They Might Be Giants, and Doctor Who
(55:27) Question Time

Cheerfully Inaccurate

*Note, there was no actual Meth on the table. On the actual table were Luke’s Macbook which we were using to record, an empty tea mug, a pint of water, and Conor’s battered Nikes.

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8 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 7 (11/04/09)

  1. Morgan

    Loved the show this week, Dudebros. Thank you, too, for the shout-out though you will be hearing from my lawyer about using my full name.

    I have a question;

    Which film/tv show do you think would make an excellent videogame and what would that game be like?

  2. Conor

    A question! Nice. And it’s a good one too, I’ll look forward to talking over this one with Luke next week!

    As to your full name, well of course we didn’t use your full name, uh… Dr Morgie…. Muffins.

  3. andy

    great show gents. have you considered bringing in guest presenters? Not often or for many reasons but for really specialist stuff, if you knew someone who might be full of tidbits on a particular movie or genre.
    I’m just sayin.

  4. nick elizabeth mccubbin

    Like someone with an antonishing wide reaching knowledge of that most ovrlooked of movie sub-genres, ‘The chick-flick for dudes’. You know what I’m talking about constance!

  5. Dudebros

    Well Well. Andy and Nicholas Elizabeth make good points…

    I could see some guest presenters in our future. Andy, as you know I’m pretty much always in the mood to talk about a certain series of films where dudes totally fight other dudes with light sabers, though I’m not going to divulge what that movie series is.

    And Nicholas, my sweet sweet Nicholas. Perhaps… could it be… is it time to bring BBL to the masses?

  6. Morgan


  7. Dudebros

    BBL… It’s a little shorthand for those who’ve already experienced the welling mass of man-feelings encompassed in the classic film Bye Bye Love.


  8. Morgan

    Walking on Sunshine=Ker-az-i-ness.

    Please do a BBL series.