This week we hold a boombox over our heads and it’s playing our love for Cameron Crowe: the feature covers Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Say Anything… Boxing season reaches its penultimate film, Body And Soul. Table Time brings us the joy of Japanese covers of Weezer, and the David Mazzuchelli and Paul Karasik’s adaptation of Paul Auster’s City Of Glass. Question Time dares to ask about Conor’s facial hair, and the smell of summer.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Cameron Crowe

(22:57) Boxing Pictures Season: Body And Soul

(37:00) Table Time: Weezer and City Of Glass

(51:44) Question Time

Cheerfully Inaccurate

Conor couldn’t remember Paul Karasik’s name when talking about City of Glass, which was a shame because Karasik did incredible work! Luke was confused by Apple terminology…He said Coverflow was the name of that podcast we mentioned, rather than Coverville. ( )

Stuff We Mentioned This Week:

Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Say Anything…, American Pie, Less Than Zero, Grosse Point Blank, Bright Lights Big City, The Set-Up

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21 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 10 (01/05/10)

  1. Morgan


  2. Morgan

    Two questions;

    1. What film(s) with a food scene made you hungry and for what?

    2. What music plays between the sections of your show. It’s loverly.

    Still listening to the show- loving it so far.

  3. andy

    oh oh can i answer Q number one?? The lunch scene in The Breakfast Club makes me hungry every time! I want Andrew Clarke’s lunch!

  4. Dudebros

    Oh good one! Great question, and I tend to agree with Andy’s answer.

    However of course, I’ll refrain from fully answering the question until next week’s podcast!

    The music question though: That’s The Minutemen.


  5. Dudebros

    Song is Cohesion by Minutemen off of Double Nickels on the DIme

  6. Jaques le Merde

    Suggestion for another dudebros drinking game: the listener must take a drink whenever Conor says”it was awesome when that guy got kicked in the face”.

  7. Dudebros

    Nice! Finally a Wireless Express Show that can get people cataclysmically drunk during a one-hour episode..


  8. Jaques le Merde

    Question time:

    how much wood can a wooden Chucky doll chuck if a wooden Chucky doll could chick wood?

  9. Jaques le Merde

    That “chick” was supposed to be “chuck”. Apologies for my iPhones predictive text.

  10. Dudebros

    My initial answer to this one is going to be: a suffiency of wood. But I’ll have a far more detailed answer for the actual show.

    Oh, and we’re looking for suggestions for the Sci-Fi season! We’ve got it pretty much sewn up but suggestions are fun.


  11. Jaques le Merde

    Hmmmmm sci fi… Hmmmmm well there’s that obscure one with the guys with swords with blades of some sort of light, I think it’s a sci fi remake of kurosawa’s hidden fortress…

    Well there’s Dark Star, Mission Galactica the Cylon attack, moon zero two, Robinson crusoe on mars… The list is endless. And there was that recent smurfs movie…

  12. Dudebros

    Funnnnnnnnnnnny you should say that, i was reading about robinson crusoe on mars recently. It sounds like a really unusual take on the story, that could be worth a look.

    Also… Uh I actually really liked that recent smurfs movie…


  13. Jaques le Merde

    Robinsn crusoe on mars is quite dates, but it us good. I liked the dances with smurfs movie too.

    I was going to suggest jurasic park, but that’s not sci fi anymore. Plus the fact that velocerapters had feathers.

  14. Jaques le Merde

    Damn predictive text, it’s quite DATED.

  15. Dudebros

    I really hated the way in Jurassic Park 2 a child was able to beat a Velociraptor in a fight.

    If they ever make another Jurassic Park I want it to be like Alien:Resurrection, where they have some characters who have human/velociraptor hybrid dna. (I actually had to make rock devil horns even just thinking of that.)


  16. Jaques le Merde

    That would be awesome!!!

  17. Dudebros

    Yes. That is correct. It would.

    Damn, now I’m making double devil horns.


  18. Jaques le Merde

    I guess after like 10 messages in as many minutes I should really say good show. I’m a big fan of CAmeron Crowe’s work. Say Anything is probably my favorite of his films.

  19. Dudebros

    Oh right on, I’m glad you liked the show! Yeah I do love Cameron Crowe, and Say Anything is my favourite too. It’s just got so much heart, so much humanity to it. And I do love that Peter Gabriel song.


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