This week begins our Science Fiction season and to celebrate it we feature THX 1138 and for the Science Fiction segment, we do X-The Man With X-Ray Eyes. Table Time looks at Remedy’s Alan Wake, and Daniel Monzon’s Cell 211. Question time looks at some filmic peeves, and an important question from Conor to the world in general.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, THX 1138

(22:37) Science Fiction Season: X-The Man With X-Ray Eyes

(37:44) Table Time: Alan Wake and Daniel Monzon’s Cell 211.

(51:15) Question Time

Cheerfully Inaccurate

The Attica prison riot movie rattling around Conor’s dusty mind was Against The Wall, a 1994 TV movie starring Kyle MacLachlan and Samuel L Jackson.

Stuff We Mentioned This Week:

I Am Legend, Jekyll And Hyde, HP Lovecraft, Star Wars, Merantau, Ong-Bak, Parallax View, Merantau, Parallax View, Police Story, Twin Peaks, The Hammer, The Conversation

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10 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 12 (16/05/10)

  1. andy


  2. Jaques la Merde

    Good show lads. I haven’t seen THX in maybe 25 years. I don’t really remember it that well. I must watch it again.

    hee hee Sidecars

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