Fly with us this week in the arms of The Rocketeer, our Science Fiction Season movie. Even before that, watch dudes get kicked in the face via Kung Fu Hustle, and for table time journey with us to Bright Falls where we’ll watch the excellent prequel story to Alan Wake. Question time focuses mainly on the conclusion of our controversial Sidecar competition.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Kung Fu Hustle

(20:24) Science Fiction Season: The Rocketeer

(36:15) Table Time: Bright Falls, Check It Out with Steve Brule and Archer revisited.

(49:42) Question Time – The Sidecar Competition

Cheerfully Inaccurate

No dice. 100% accuracy.

Stuff We Mentioned This Week:

Only Angels Have Wings, Shaolin Soccer, Drunken Master, Twin Peaks, Tim And Eric, The Matrix Reloaded, Merantau, Ong Bak.

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2 comments on: Wireless Express Show Episode 13 (22/05/10)

  1. Jaques la Merde

    Je suis un bâtard magnifique Je suis un gagnant, j’ai la propriété de vous toute

  2. Morgan

    Hey Dudebros,

    I had an idea for a special episode of the Wireless Express. You could have an award episode for underrated/neglected classics that weren’t recognised in their own time.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.