On this episode, Conor and Luke discuss Hammer House of Horror and Tales from the Dark Side. As well as, Berserk, Dracula, the nature of fear and its close cousin laughing and much, much more. Stay awhile and listen.

Once again, a very special thanks to Molly Noise for composing our new theme song.

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This week Conor and Luke take you on a musical discovery tour that brings you from last week’s Tex Ritter/ Marty Robbins Pale Rider theme to this week’s Nick Cave High Plains Drifter Theme. And all a capella too. High Plains Drifter is of course the second part of the spooky western double bill. For the sports season, Goal was discarded and Cool Runnings made the cut, you’ll hear how it works as a pretty cool sports drama even though Conor and Luke don’t think it’s that funny.

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