This week Conor and Luke grappled with the question:
What is more romantic, a couple of nights on the road with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, or five snowbound months being seduced by the Overlook Hotel?(In order to really examine these questions, they watched The Shining and It Happened One Night. Later they talked about The Critic, Dr Katz and Dune)

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Reunited at last Conor and Luke present the first in a two-part Christmas extravaganza.  This week our dynamic duo discuss It’s A Wonderful Life and Gremlins, Table Time sees a year end review of the best stuff life has to offer.  Question Time presents you the listener with a challenge, tell us the Movie of Your Life™ and be in with a chance to win a very special prize.  Simply send an email or post a comment answering the following questions.

1. What Genre is the movie of your life?

2. Who would play you?

3. Who would play your father and/or mother?

4. Who would play your guru?

5. If your movie has a voiceover/narration, who would do it?

6. Black and white or Colour?

7. Who would play your love interest?

8. Who would do the soundtrack?

9. Opening track? (If any)

10. Who would Direct?

11. Who would write the screenplay?

12. Who would play your nemesis?

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