This week’s show is a special edition, focusing on Blade Runner. For table time we get enthusiastic about a new video game networking site, For question time we look at what movies have ever gotten us into, and who would win in a three-way gunfight in our minds.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro, Blade Runner PT 1

(24:28) Blade Runner PT 2

(61:05) Table Time:

(67:03) Question Time: what movies have gotten us into, and the logistics of a three-way (gunfight).

Cheerfully Inaccurate

The Blade Runner documentary we watched this week and forgot to name was: Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner

Stuff We Mentioned This Week:

Blade Runner, Dangerous Days, Strange Days, The Fifth Element, Alien, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Once Upon A Time In The West, The Great Silence, PKD Android

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