In on uncertain times there remains one certain thing, a Movie Express Podcast will appear every four or five months to tell you about the men hunting men in the Chinese dangerous game take, The Prey, men hunting degrees in Hamburger: The Motion Picture and milk nonsense in John Woo’s TV movie masterpiece, Blackjack. Enjoy, like, subscribe and take care of one another.

Thank you, once again to Molly Noise for the intro music, Holding Pattern.

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Back, back again! The Movie Express rolls on into a strange wooded area full of rich dudes with guns and quad bikes as Conor and Luke watch the Ice-T vehicle, Surviving the Game.  We also take in John Woo’s seminal (according to Luke) man-hunting movie, Hard Target featuring the Muscles from Brussels, our friend and yours, JCVD! Kicking off the Pre-Code Hollywood Season on a similar note this week is the grandaddy of the ‘rich guy hunts men for sport’ genre, The Most Dangerous Game.  Enjoy, choo choo!

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