This week we celebrate some of Kathryn Bigelow’s earlier work, with Near Dark as the feature and Strange Days as this week’s science fiction film. For Table Time Conor demands a remake of Frankenhooker and Luke gets hot under the collar about regional restrictions. Question Time addresses movie adaptations of video games, noting that if you’ve got to have a Japanese Thunder God in your movie, you should really get a French dude to play him.

Time Stamps

(00:00) Intro and Near Dark

(20:31) Science Fiction Season: Strange Days

(43:31) Table Time: Frankenhooker, Luke’s Regional Restriction Blues

(53:51) Question Time (Greatest Video Game Movie Adaptations)

Cheerfully Inaccurate

The actor who played Homer in Near Dark was Joshua Miller

Stuff We Mentioned This Week:

Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Pointbreak, Double Indemnity, Femme Fatale, Killing Zoe, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Silent Hill, Frankenhooker, Re-Animator, The Man With Two Brains, Tommy Boy, The Hurt Locker, Lost Boys, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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In this third episode we become entranced by the bewitching Lady From Shanghai, chat about Hammer horror’s penchant for cleavage and bring a couple of things like Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland movie and John Connolly’s Book Of Lost Things. Also a historic week, because we have our first listener questions! Listen in delight as we struggle to answer them intelligently.

Time Stamps

Section 1 (00:00) Intro and our feature this week, Hammer films – In particular Dracula (1958) and Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter (1974).

Section 2 (21:43) The Film Noir series continues, and we’ve been watching Lady From Shanghai (1947).

Section 3 (37:59) Table Time – Luke brought the new Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland, and Conor brought John Connolly’s Book Of Lost Things.

Section 4 (51:22) Question Time: this time from an actual listener. Niall asked us a couple of questions, and we did what we could to be dazzling in our responses. We did what we could.

Show Notes

John Connolly’s Book Of Lost Things

Hammer Films

Cheerfully Inaccurate:
We’re not aware of any inaccuracies at this time, but we remain cheerful. Watch this space, as mistakes are unearthed we shall address them…

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