This week Conor and Luke are confronted by the wall of intellectual and conversational force that is Fran Lebowitz and the documentary about her: Public Speaking. The Screwball Comedy season begins with Bringing Up Baby, one of the funniest movies of all time and definitely the funniest movie of all time that had a leopard in it. For Table Time Luke discusses the book For One Week Only: The World of Exploitation Films by Richard Meyers, and Conor shamelessly plugs a podcast project he has dreamt up where he will attempt a thousand interviews over on (The sentence about the shameless plug contained a shameless plug, and this sentence is shame-free too)

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3 comments on: Wireless Express Show (27/03/11)

  1. MollywogRugburn

    I love the show. I realized, while listening, because the picture of Fran Lebowitz shows while it plays… Benicio Del Toro could totally play Fran Lebowitz if he wanted.

  2. Morgan

    Great show. And yes- I do like the idea of you fighting over me.

  3. Dudebros

    That’s exactly how we do it, Morgan. And we do it over Skype video so it’s v. dramatic.

    And mollywogrugburn, you’re so right! And he’d do a great job of it too, man.