About Conor Mahood

I do voiceovers on Fiverr.com, click here to see my rates and hear my fancy voiceover voice.

I’m the voice for Mystic Boarding’s new front page video, if you’d like to hear an example of my work.

I’m on Twitter, actually quite a lot. Come find me there and say hi.

I’ve written two pulp novels, you can find them on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

I usually call The Hanged Man “a love story about carnivals and revenge.” It’s also an action adventure revisionist western, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Somebody Else’s Dream is the story of a young man who wakes beside a new lover to be told he’s not real, just something she dreamt last night. It’s kind of my love letter to Dublin, the city of my birth.

If I absolutely had to tell the truth, I might admit that both books touch on themes of freaks and misfits and the families they (we) form out there in the world to replace or augment the ones we were born into.