This week Conor and Luke sit down with Ryan Denmark, filmmaker and currently the visual effects editor on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.  Topics discussed include the film editing process, the role of computer graphics and practical effects in filmmaking, contemporary filmmaking style, great movie fight sequences and much more.

Please check out Ryan’s work at Third Star Films dot Com.

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What day is it? Why it’s (nearly) Christmas Day! Continuing their celebration of all things this season, Luke and Conor check out the 1999 TV version of A Christmas Carol featuring Captain Picard himself!  The guys also witness A Miracle on 34th Street, which is heart-warming and thought provoking, Table Time sees Luke in love with Boardwalk Empire and uneasy with Black Mirror, look forward to more seasonal casts as the month progresses!

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Reunited at last Conor and Luke present the first in a two-part Christmas extravaganza.  This week our dynamic duo discuss It’s A Wonderful Life and Gremlins, Table Time sees a year end review of the best stuff life has to offer.  Question Time presents you the listener with a challenge, tell us the Movie of Your Life™ and be in with a chance to win a very special prize.  Simply send an email or post a comment answering the following questions.

1. What Genre is the movie of your life?

2. Who would play you?

3. Who would play your father and/or mother?

4. Who would play your guru?

5. If your movie has a voiceover/narration, who would do it?

6. Black and white or Colour?

7. Who would play your love interest?

8. Who would do the soundtrack?

9. Opening track? (If any)

10. Who would Direct?

11. Who would write the screenplay?

12. Who would play your nemesis?

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In a groundbreaking step, Conor and Luke manage to talk about a new movie this week: Predators. For the Korean season we talked about Once Upon A Time In High School, Conor’s favourite Korean film and a very poignant look at high school in a time and place rather removed from our own. Table Time is impressed with Boardwalk Empire and Memphis Beat. Question Time is really Plug Time, where we plugged some cool projects friends of the show are working on. Click the links to learn more about Rana McAnear, Tammy Howard and Holly Conrad. Also check out our friends at Gamefret!

Time Stamps

(00:00) Predators
(14:44) Korean Season – Once Upon a Time in High School
(32:47) Table Time – Boardwalk Empire, Memphis Beat
(45:02)  Question Time – Plug Time

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