Join Conor and Luke as they embark on a journey through the No Retreat, No Surrender franchise in this very special episode of the Movie Express Podcast. Find out what Corey Yuen, Cynthia Rothrock and Billy Blanks have in common.

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Autumn may be upon us but that doesn’t mean Conor and Luke can’t kick it at the beach with an Icey as they discuss Michael Tully’s heartwarming, sports comedy Ping Pong Summer. Mr. Tully joins Conor later in the episode to discuss his work and deep dive into Ping Pong Summer. Plus No Retreat No Surrender, Red Oaks and Miami Connection.

Once again, a very special thanks to Molly Noise for composing our new theme song.

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Movie Express favourites JCVD and Scott Adkins star in Assassination Games, a direct-to-DVD action film with some excellent choreography and set pieces.  We also discuss The Jackal and Day of the Jackal.  Table Time sees Conor and Luke talking about all sorts of stuff including Punk’d, Luke’d and One Armed Boxer vs Master of the Flying Guillotine.

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Back, back again! The Movie Express rolls on into a strange wooded area full of rich dudes with guns and quad bikes as Conor and Luke watch the Ice-T vehicle, Surviving the Game.  We also take in John Woo’s seminal (according to Luke) man-hunting movie, Hard Target featuring the Muscles from Brussels, our friend and yours, JCVD! Kicking off the Pre-Code Hollywood Season on a similar note this week is the grandaddy of the ‘rich guy hunts men for sport’ genre, The Most Dangerous Game.  Enjoy, choo choo!

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This week we kick ass and take names with a frank and heartfelt discussion of the life, times and films of Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Laura is the latest entry in our film noir season and Table Time sees our first videogame discussion with a quick look at Final Fantasy XIII. Conor also has a word or two to say about the classic television thriller The Prisoner.  Rounding off the latest episode is our usual question and answer section, this week featuring our first ever comment!

Time Stamps

(00:00) Section 1: Jean-Claude Van Damme

(28:17) Section 2: Laura

(43:30) Section 3: Table TIme featuring Final Fantasy XIII and The Prisoner

(57:27) Section 4: Question Time and Listener Comments

Show Notes

An interesting article about JCVD

Cheerfully Inaccurate

This week we are not cheerful as we did not make a single mistake.

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